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Top 12 Horror RPG Games for PC to Play in 2019

by Samee

If you want to play some classic RPG horror game and need some suggestion then you came to right place. We have made a list of top 12 horror RPG game for PC. Please note that the games in this list are not mentioned in any particular order.

Top 12 Horror RPG Games for PC

The Witch’s House 

The Witch’s House is a free Japanese puzzle-based horror adventure game. Gameplay is exploration and item-based and the game is filled with some great challenging puzzles, that are well-thought-out. There are 3 endings, each ending are unique and depend on what decision you take. This game has some unique art and sound track which are enough to give you a goosebumps. The Witch’s House is available on PC platform. If you want to support the developer and need better visual, you can buy the remaster version from steam.

Blank Dream

Blank Dream is a free horror adventure role-playing game by Teriyaki Tomato. This game is based on exploration and puzzle solving, often quit challenging. This game provide excellent illustrations, dialogue, and storyline and has dark and unsettling atmosphere giving it more scary vibe. If you are looking for an engaging, creepy, psychological thriller, adventure game then you should probably give it a try. Blank Dream is available for PC.

The Crooked Man

The Crooked Man is a RPG horror adventure game by Uri made in WOLF RPG Editor. This is one of the few games where the story will give you a goosebumps. The game has good graphics, sound effect and the story is very sad and touching with multiple choice options, the game is worth playing for the story alone. This is some of the few RPG where you have to do all stuff by yourself. The Crooked Man is available on PC platform.


Schuld is a free survival horror-puzzle game created by Kelven in RPG maker. In this game, you play as Aaron, man who has found himself in a world that seems to be slowly dying around him. The gameplay is relatively short about 2 hours, probably less but it has great story along with some well done action elements and a few genuinely challenging boss fights. Schuld is available on PC platform.


Misao is a free 2D horror game by Sen (Miscreant’s Room) made using the Wolf RPG Editor engine. The game is about a missing girl and cursed school. In this game you must search for your missing classmate in a school plagued by unnatural phenomena. The music and sounds do a nice job setting the atmosphere in the different areas of the game. Misao is available for PC and If you are interested in better graphics and additional content, a remastered version of Misao is available on Steam and Playism for less than $5.

The Sandman

The Sandman is a dark fantasy and psychological horror role-playing game by Uri made in WOLF RPG Editor. This game feature exploration and action elements with wide range of hardcore expressions of violence. In this game you never get any hint, so you have to rely on your own instinct to solve different puzzle. After you beats the game, there is an extra story that can be played through the Sandman. The sandman is available for free on PC and if you want to support developer, you can buy the game form steam.

Corpse Party

Corpse Party is a survival horror adventure game originally created by Makoto Kedōin and developed by Team GrisGris. It’s revolved around a group of friends unknowingly perform an occult ritual that traps them in an otherworldly elementary school. This game has a great and interesting Story, fine Level Design and good sound track. This game give you the freedom to thoroughly explore everything, significantly altering the course of the story and its final conclusion based on where you go and what you do. Corpse Party is available on many platform including PC.

Mad Father

Mad Father is a free horror adventure game developed by Sen using WOLF RPG Editor. The game visuals are nice, the story is compelling, and the gameplay is little bit similar to Misao. This game is about a psychological journey that tests and measures the questions about morals, loyalty, and love. This game does a fantastic job building an atmosphere that holds your attention and frighten you while you play. For a free to play title this game is quite fantastic and if you want to support developer, buy the remaster version from steam.

Lucah: Born of a Dream

Lucah: Born of a Dream is a action role-playing game developed by melessthanthree. This game deliver a very haunting atmosphere with an oftentimes depressing narrative all about growth and struggle. In this game, you have been cursed to have your inner demons come to life as vicious nightmares and you need to endure the nightmare onslaught, and uncover the strength to accept yourself. This game has its own unique art style and a mysterious story that’s slowly revealed over time. Lucah: Born of a dream is available on PC platform.

The Black Watchmen

The Black Watchmen is a adventure role-playing game developed by Alice & Smith. In this game, you are a Secret Agent and investigate paranormal activities in this dark Lovecraftian universe. This game meld the real and fictional events and characters which makes it a thrilling experience. The game video are very realistic and the audio is creepy and engaging. If you like mystery and adventure, you will absolutely love this game. The Black Watchmen is available on PC platform.

Angles of Death

Angels of Death is a Japanese psychological horror-adventure game. This is a beautiful RPG with great story, art and soundtrack. Although it’s horror game, there are little funny moments and unexpectedly it’s work great with this game. Angel of Death also have anime and the manga. The game only has one ending so the choices you made in game won’t affect the ending. There are also some puzzle solving elements which are quite interesting. Angle of Death is available on PC.

Pocket Mirror

Pocket Mirror is an free original mystery RPG horror-adventure game made by the circle Astral Shift. This game has a beautiful art style, mystery and horror aspects to it. The plot is great through out the story and there are lots of puzzle to solve. This game have multiple endings and each ending depend on action you take along the way. Everything about this game is great from the art, to the music, character and graphics. Pocket Mirror is available on Windows platform.

These are the some of the best RPG horror game to play in 2019. We want to know what is your favorite horror game, please tell us about them in the comments!

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