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5 Mistakes Beginner Make When Building a Gaming PC

by Samee

5 thing you shouldn’t do when building a gaming PC

If you are new to PC gaming then you probably thought that why bother yourself by going through all these stuff to Build a gaming PC when you can buy a pre-built one on the market. Well, i will admit that buying a pre-built gaming PC is lot easier and reliable but building your own PC can be more rewarding, fun, exciting and sometime challenging. When it comes to building a gaming PC there are ton of issues out there so its always a good idea to do some research. Here are 5 mistakes you shouldn’t do when building a gaming PC.

Cable Management

Poor Cable Management

when you are building a PC you don’t want your PC to be mess of tangled wires. So, think hard and long enough about proper cable management. The thing is cable management is not just for show, if you have cable everywhere they not only acted as dust magnets but when you want to replace or upgrade a hardware or component, you need to unplug and rewire and connect everything. Zip tiles, tubes and well designed cases can help you to avoid these issues.

Picking a Case

Do you really need something like this?

This may depend on your taste but i prefer a normal PC case with enough room for my hardware. The thing is beginners who are trying to make their gaming PC often spend more money on a giant and fancy case. Instead of spending money on those case i advise you to go for a reasonable size. This will save you enough money to buy other important stuff like better GPU, CPU, RAM or hard-disk which actually affect on your gaming performance.

CPU Placement

The pins of CPU are sensitive and you can bend them easily so, always be careful while holding and inserting CPU directly on the socket. For Intel processor make sure that you line up the two guiding notches on the socket with the notches along the edge of your chip. And for AMD processor make sure to flow that little corner triangle that present on both CPU and socket.

Thermal Paste

Don’t let this happen

Applying thermal paste to CPU is a part of the PC building process. For a lot of beginners this process can be pretty difficult. If you apply way too little thermal paste then your PC will just over heat and shut off your entire System. If you apply too much thermal paste, it can leak out onto a motherboard which can potentially damage your motherboard. My advice is to buy a right thermal paste for you and always apply correct amount of paste.

Air Flow

proper air-flow example

A lot of people make the mistake during installation of fan in their PC case. If the fan are installed backwards it may cause all the hot air to staying inside the case and overheating all your PC components. Make sure that you know the push and pull configuration on your fans. Also check whether the cable is plugged in correctly in the right direction. The last thing you need to do is to check whether the inside temperature is optimal or not.

There are tons of other thing you shouldn’t do when building a gaming PC and I want to hear them from you guys in the comment section bellow.

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2 months ago

For a Gaming PC to built, you have provided right guidance,building a powerful gaming PC requires lot of technical knowledge and guidance. One important factor in Gaming PC is to have high resolution Graphic card and latest processors.

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